Pickpockets Barcelona

How to avoid pickpockets!

Unfortunately, Barcelona is well known for pickpockets! Being a big city and open to so many tourists there are certain areas where you need to be a little more careful. This is a small guide to give you some tips to have a good and safe vacation!

I have to say that things are much better than years ago, but we still recommend to take a special care to all your personal belongings. I actually would use these tips not only for Barcelona but for any other city in the world!

First of all, be alert. Although you can find pickpockets all around the city, the touristic areas usually have more chances of pickpockets. For example, I would take special care at Las Ramblas, Plaça Catalunya, Rambla de Catalunya, Gothic Quarter, Borne, Barceloneta… I wouldn’t miss sites like Park Guell and Sagrada Familia where there are so many people that these pickpockets can be easily hidden.

I would later prevent instead of being sorry. So never keep your purse looking backwards, or keep your phone in your back pocket or even your wallet or passport. You should make it difficult. If there are two victims, one with a “shopping purse” and one with a zipper purse facing forwards, they will go for the easy victim. They usually operate from behind where they cannot be seen. The more difficult you make it, the most probable way you will not get robbed. I have to say, they are complete experts and they can open your backpack or purse from behind without anybody noticing at all.

Another very important point is when you stop for lunch, dinner or just to have a drink. Usually when we stop to take a break and relax, we do exactly that, relax and are not as attentive to our personal belongings. There are many restaurants that already warn you to take care of your personal belongings but not all of them have the signs. You need to be very careful when you are sitting down. Don’t leave your purse or backpack on a chair next to you, even if you are looking at it. It would be tied or you should be touching it at least a little bit. Even if you keep your backpack under your chair, you should maybe have it completely tied to your feet and not have anything super important like passport, phone or money. I have to say, they are profesional thieves and we need to take all the possible precautions. Have all our personal belongings in your sight or between your feet at all time.

This all be said, be calm and enjoy your trip. These tips are easy to follow if you just take a bit of care and don’t leave your phone on a table in a street terrace for example. Don’t be scared because it feels like they can sense fear and that maybe you are hiding something very important. Take it easy and just don’t do any rookie mistake.

Enjoy your holiday!

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