Best areas to stay in Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city to visit, but sometimes you just don’t know which is the best areas to stay in. Here is a our humble opinion of which area you should decide on when choosing your hotel in this city. Here is a list of the areas: Old Town Eixample (city center) By the sea Poblenou or Diagonal Mar Area Sagrada Familia Area Zona Alta & Pedralbles The Old Town Area If you want

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Pickpockets Barcelona

How to avoid pickpockets!

Unfortunately, Barcelona is well known for pickpockets! Being a big city and open to so many tourists there are certain areas where you need to be a little more careful. This is a small guide to give you some tips to have a good and safe vacation! I have to say that things are much better than years ago, but we still recommend to take a special care to all your personal belongings. I actually

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Catalunya’s Medieval Towns

Barcelona has a lot to offer. You will have so much to do during your visit but if you can squeeze in some time, you shouldn’t miss the medieval town that suround Barcelona in Cataluña. There are a large number of different town in Cataluña that are very well conserved and it is a pleasure to walk along them. We can offer a private experience in a private vehicle to get to know all these

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Barcelona’s version of Halloween!

Spain is different for so many reasons, and Barcelona’s Halloween is one more added to the list! In Barcelona, Halloween is known as the Chestnut (La Castanyada!). It is a very traditional festival that takes place on October 31st, the night before All Saints Day (November 1st). Originally Castanyada was a tribute to dead people, and families would go to the cemetery to visit the dead on that day (November 1st). Nowdays, Castanyada is a

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Picasso Museum Barcelona

Barcelona and its Museums

There is always something to do in Barcelona. Even when you think you have seen the whole city, there is always something else to see and enjoy in this great cosmopolitan city. I am a particular fan of museums and especially on rainy days. When I am on holidays I take a chance to get to know as many museums as I can when its raining. Here are some of the best and most interesting

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Barcelona’s beautiful terraces and views

One of Barcelona’s best charm is the great weather year round, but we have to say that starting end of May/June, enjoying the views from the amazing terraces is a priceless experience. There are so many options on where to go have a drink and a bite to eat. Here are a few examples of great places to spend your afternoon or evening. 1. Terraza Alaire, Hotel Condes de Barcelona Enjoy this amazing terrace with

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