Best areas to stay in Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city to visit, but sometimes you just don’t know which is the best areas to stay in. Here is a our humble opinion of which area you should decide on when choosing your hotel in this city.

Here is a list of the areas:

  • Old Town
  • Eixample (city center)
  • By the sea
  • Poblenou or Diagonal Mar Area
  • Sagrada Familia Area
  • Zona Alta & Pedralbles

The Old Town Area

If you want to be in a unique ambience, I would choose to stay in this area. You will not only be surrounded by a medieval setting but you will be in the one of the “hip” areas of Barcelona.

In this area you can find first of all the Gothic Quarter. In this area you can find Barcleona’s Cathedral and the Old Barcino city.

gotico 1

In the Old Town you can also find the Born district. In this area you can find great shopping, the beautiful Santa María del Mar Basilique, the Picasso Museum and great tapas bars and restaurants.


Las Ramblas also is part of this area. Las Ramblas is a very touristic area, nice if you like to be in the middle of city center. You just have to take into account that it is not as clean as we would like and some areas of Las Ramblas are not as safe. You can find nice hotels like Le Meridien amongst many others. You need to know what you are getting into once you choose this area.

las ramblas

Raval is also an area that is in the Old Town. From the tour areas we have described, this one would be the least recommended. It is true that is has improved a lot in the past years, there are so many other areas where you will feel more secure, nicer and with great hotels!


The Eixample district

In our opinion, this area is our favorite. There are so many reasons why!

First of all, it is considered the city center, the modernist part of the city center. You can find all types of shops (high end shops, famous inditex shops as well as typical spanish brands with great choices), all types of hotels from luxury to B&B, close by to the Old Town, not far away from the Sagrada Familia and basically walking distance from the “must sees” of Gaudi in Barcelona. You will have great dinning options. In this area you can find; Plaza Cataluña, Paseo de Gracia, and Rambla Cataluña to name some of a few famous streets.

paseo de gracia

By the Sea

When you think of Barcelona you cannot think of this city without thinking of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. This is a good option if its summer time and you want to enjoy not only great sea views but also relax at the beach or pool. That been said, you will not be in the city center and will have to take a cab or public transport to reach the main city center and old town of Barcelona. There are two areas, the Old Port and Barceloneta and the Olympic Port Area. The first one is closest to the Old Town and city center (still too far in my opinion) but easily reachable by taxi or long walks. In this area you can find the W Hotel which has become an iconic building in Barcelona. The second area, Olympic Port area is a bit further away but has many nice restaurants to choose from as well as a good night life.


Poblenou / Diagonal Mar

I have to say that this area is very far away from the city center, at least for our standards here in Spain. Walking is basically impossible. It is very nice and clean area, but if you stay here make sure you are ready to take lots of cabs!

diagonal mar

Sagrada Familia Area

I wouln’t recommend staying in this area. Although you have Gaudi‘s famous and incredibly beautiful Sagrada Familia, that is basically the only thing you have here. It is true you are somewhat closer to Park Guell, but both these monuments can be seen in half a day with a private vehicle or guide or even on you own. I would prefer to choose something closer to the city center.

sagrada familia

Zona Alta & Pedralbes

This area, as the name is said, is the high-end area of Barcelona. These areas can be considered some of the best areas in Barcelona. They are nice areas, with good shopping and great restaurants. You just have to take into account that you will not be in the city center. Although you can walk there, depending on what end you are at, the walk can be quite long and you are better off taking a cab. It is a clean, quiet, safe and local area where most of the high society lives.

zona alta

We hope this has helped you with any doubts you might have on where to stay when you visit Barcelona. If you still have doubts or need any aditional information, please don’t hesitate in contacting us at . We would love to help you create a perfect experience in Barcelona & Spain.

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